Inner City Farmer

​     Midtown Manhattan has a wonderfully diverse community of residents, workers, and other sorts of consumers, all of whom eat food on a daily basis.  People from all different cultures from all continents, religions, and ethnic experiences sleep, work, eat, and generally survive in very close quarters and create massively effective impacts on the world and on each other's lives.  Many residents and workers of Midtown sleep on the sidewalks, and many more struggle to maintain a healthy diet in the face of rising rent and competitive pricing of organic foods.  Underpaid workers in Midtown Manhattan struggle to find affordable fresh food for lunch.  We will be offering fresh and affordable vegetarian meals with ingredients only from our rooftop farm just west of the corner of 7th Avenue and West 39th Street.  The mission of this small intensive agricultural project is to donate at least 50 percent of our fresh, canned, and freshly prepared vegetable produce to residents of Midtown Manhattan who cannot personally afford to pay for it.   We intend to generate capital to fund our charity donations and potential educational programs by charging very reasonable and competitive prices for the same produce to paying customers.

Hyper Local

Food Justice for All

​     All of our food is grown on the roof of 205 W39th Street in the core of the Big Apple.  We hope to expand onto nearby roof space throughout 2017 and into the future.  We intend to participate and aid in urban food farming efforts in Midtown Manhattan and throughout the general New York City area.   The farm's location enables us to sell and donate food that can be eaten before the food itself realizes that it is detached from its mother plant.  We think that we have the freshest bulk production of vegetables in Manhattan, and our pride is the diversity and cultural heritage of our selection of vegetable varieties.